No worries, often when a kitchen is installed, it’s expected that there will be minor requirements within a week or two. Flatpack always contacts our customers 1-2 weeks after any installation to ask if we need to re-visit to tweak, adjust and ensure you’re 100% happy.

Many of our installers have had more than 10 years of experience. Flatpack has grown throughout the world starting in New Zealand, Australia, England, Scotland Wales & now the Netherlands. You’re in safe hands.

Flatpack Kitchen Services only chooses the very best installers within the industry. Initially, the installer must have substantial experience within the industry. They are also put through stringent practical test, side-by-side assessments, trained in 4 areas, including health & safety and various other topics. Lastly, our installers are regularly re-trained and spot checked to ensure they meet the Flatpack quality-standards.

We are the global solution to an industry of independent contractors that are all overworked, underpaid and unsupported. We collaborate resources to make our franchisees lives easily, to create robust, solid structures and systems deeming us the most reliable assembly provider you’ll work with.

Our retail partners, can rely on us to complete the required tasks efficiently and to delight their customers.

It’s a simple win/win concept.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world and sometimes your orders don’t get delivered on time by the logistics company. If this happens to you, you’ll be happy to know that you’re likely to receive a phone call from a dedicated Flatpack customer service representative to assist you in redirecting deliveries and/or reorganising you scheduled installation Flatpack acts as an independent between you and retailer to ensure you’re looked after promptly. Flatpack will happily rebook your installer in for the next available date that suits you, hassle free.

If the installation doesn’t meet your expectation, then we have a dedicated support team, based here in Australia to help solve any challenges or misunderstandings. Our goal will be to make you a very happy customer.

Simply call 1300 352 872

Generally, the installation process can take from 2-4 days however, you have additional works or if you’ve ordered a custom, stone bench-top, your installation could take longer.  It’s best to discuss the timeframe with your installer at the time of measurement.

Usually there is only one installer on-site however, on occasions, we have our field managers visit to quality check the performance of our franchisees, ensuring you’re getting the very best service and workmanship to our standards. If you have a large kitchen, we’ll sometime have 2 installers complete the installation due to the weight of the bench-top being difficult to manage as a single installer.

We would recommend installing your floor after the kitchen. I think for the installers to eliminate to possibility damage when additional works are required.

With a standard worktop (635mm) the legs of the kitchen and plinth will be 50cm from the wall. So the floor should be installed no more than 45cm from the wall

Yes, we can install your appliances, regardless of where you have purchased them from, provided they are in a safe, reliable condition. Please be sure to notify us of any appliances during the measurement to ensure we have all the correct information, prior to the install.

Plastering can be a messy & dusty process so we highly recommend plastering prior to the installation of your brand new kitchen.

Generally, we’d install the kitchen cabinets, prior to the tiles for several reasons. The first is that tiles can crack and if you get a tile that’s half under the kitchen cabinet, yet it’s cracked, this becomes very difficult to replace. The other reason is because floors tend to be replaced faster than kitchens, meaning that accessing your tiles independently without removing the kitchen cabinets makes this an easier process. ( The most important cosmetic reason is that when you place the tiles after the installation you can start with placing a complete tile, directly from the worktop.

This depends on the kitchen, some kitchens have no service gap, where as other providers do. When you have a standard worktop (635) there is no space behind the corner cabinets. Other cabinets have approximately a 17 mm space.

This depends on the height of the plinths, usually it’s either 8cm or 11cm. In some cases standard plinths  are not used and as a result, you could require more space. Please consult your installer at the time of your measurement visit.

Generally, we prefer not to because if we don’t remove the plastic, we can’t tell if your panels have been scratched or damaged in transit. If damage has occurred then we’d want to order you a replaced panel immediately to satisfy the suppliers guarantee. If however, you want to keep the plastic on, you’ll be required to agree that this is upon your own risk. Sometimes you’ll want to leave the plastic on for a period of time while construction continues within the house.

Yes, our installers are skilled in all, or most areas, depending on the individual. If your installer cannot complete a task, we’ll easily re-assign another expert to assist in the additional work required. It’s best to use our installers and/or our recommended partners to ensure quality standards are met.

We will give you a report where everything should be placed at the time of measurement.

No, it’s an important part of the process for us to check the cabinets and to ensure they been assembled correctly. Kitchen fitting is a practice requiring very fine tolerances, meaning that there are critical stages to an installation that can affect the durability and longevity of your kitchen long-term.

You may request a change of installation day 14 days prior to the arranged installation time. If you cancel or request a change the date in a shorted period of notice, you may incur the relative installation costs.

Yes we do! We’re passionate about customer service and each of our franchisees will remove all of the packaging once a job has been completed, provided you’ve haven’t purposely left  the disposal of the packaging off the installation quotation.

The access to your home and whether you have any pets will determine whether you need to be home during the installation process. If you can’t be present during your install, just let your local franchisee know and they will work around you to accommodate!

Yes! All of the work we do is guaranteed! In the rare occasion in which we’ve made a mistake will ensure we fix it asap, free of charge!

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